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Essex SEO London Consultant UK Internet Marketing

First Page of Google – SEO Essex SEO London and SEO for Hertfordshire

Positioning on Google’s first results page depends on a combination of:-

On Page factors – keywords (search terms) visible on your webpages and in the coding – particularly the Page Title.
Off Page factors – incoming links from other websites to your webpages.
Quality Score – Google monitors users signals such as time on site and bounce rate and compares these to your competitors.
Digital Footprint – there is evidence that blogging on your website and your social media related to your website (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube influences the rankings of your web pages.
Incoming links are more important than on-page factors as they:

Increase link authority of your webpages and website.
Add to the relevance of your webpages through the anchor (linking) text.

Why You Need Top Page Positioning On Google for your Target Keywords.

  1. 90% of searchers use Google.
  2.  95% of traffic goes to webpages on Page 1 on Google.SEO Hertfordshire

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If you are not on Page 1 On Google for the products and services you offer, you are missing great business opportunities.

How does a webpage reach the top page of Google?

It is with a combination of reputation and relevance.

Reputation depends on the quantity and quality of incoming links to your webpages.

Reputation is more important than relevance.

SEO Essex Top page positioning on Google


Google places a great deal of emphasis on incoming links from other websites. The value of these links depends on the reputation of the page giving the link divided by the number of outgoing links on that page – as in the following video.
Google uses PageRank as the metric of reputation of a webpage (PR): PageRank is explained here.

The reputation of a webpage competing for a keyword is a combination of the webpage PageRank and the PageRank of the website. The best indication we have of website authority is the HomePage PageRank (HPR).

There is compelling evidence that Google gives a boost to HomePages competing for a keyword such that its effective PageRank is a minimum of 4.5 (Viniker – EzineArticles 2012).

Total WebPage Reputation

The total webpage authority = PR + HPR + HomePage PageRank boost for HomePages

This is explained in our video -and on

Relevance – On-Page Factors

Search engines look for keywords (search terms) in

  • The body of the text.
  • Google also looks for synonyms – latent semantic indexing.
  • In the underlying coding
    • Keywords in the Page title are particularly important.
  • Keywords in the anchor text of incoming links also testify as to what others think your webpage is about.

Reputation – Off-Page Factors

The search engines, including Google, determine how strong a competitor you are by the number and quality of links from other websites to your webpages.

Google uses PageRank as proof of website and webpage competitive strength or link reputation.

Website HomePage – Your Trump Card for Top Page Positioning on Google

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Your target keyword phrases, or at least the words in those keyword phrases, must be

  • included in your Page title tag
  • if you are to have any chance of reaching the top page of Google for that keyword.

Google only indexes the first 60 – 70 characters in your Page title tag.


We are Paid On Results.

We calculate the amount of required link power required for Page 1 positioning on Google for your target keywords with our program Keyword SEO Pro. This program uniquely defines keyword difficulty by averaging the Total Webpage Authorities of those webpages that are on the top page of Google for a keyword.

We carefully increase the reputation of your website and webpages to achieve Page 1 positioning on Google for the agreed keywords. Our fees are set out here……

Recent Examples: –

A recent client is a fitness trainer in Wanstead. We have undertaken on-page optimisation such that fitness trainer Wanstead appears in the page title and body text.

A wealth management consultant based Wanstead but with clients in East London and Essex including Wanstead, Woodford, Chigwell and Chelmsford is a consultant for a major organisation. Each consultant has a website with links to the main organisation. On our recommendation, the client’s website now includes his locations including Essex, East London, Wanstead, Woodford and Chigwell.

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We use our own program keyword tool – Keyword SEO Pro to find the best keywords for your website to target. We provide captivating CMS website design for Essex and London small and medium size businesses.

We undertake SEO London, SEO Essex and SEO Hertfordshire.






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