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There are many reasons for blogging varying from

  • a desire to write about topics that interest you
  • providing information for current and potential clients
    • which may enhance positioning of your webpages on search engine results pages.

A recent article on explains that results may not be immediate and patience is required. In Summary:-

Blogging – Reasons you might not be getting your wanted results in Blogging and exactly what to do:.

Persistence: Patience is the virtue by which every successful blog site has been built on, Darren Rowse of Problogger discussed in a post “15 years Blogging and Still Learning” how important perseverance is if you wish to succeed as a blog owner. You actually require lots of patience if you are to fulfill such expected outcomes. Blogging in some cases take some time to yield results. It may not come as early as you expected it but if you continue to be patient while doing the best things, you will constantly meet your anticipated outcomes. So my friend, you need to be extremely patient.

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Consistency: You have to be consistent in blogging, you do not simply desert blogging mid-way and continue after a very long time but anticipate results. It does not work that way, you have to be consistent in your blogging activities both on-page and off-page. Consistency is the secret to accomplishing your desired results. No effective blog owner has been irregular in blogging; if you discover one do not think twice to inform me possibly I could pick up from him.

Attempt Something Different: If you are not getting the results you preferred in blogging, possibly it’s time you try something different there is a chance you may not be doing something right. You might have been blogging the wrong ways while anticipating a different outcome, so attempt and change things around a little, start from redesigning your blog site, to altering your writing design. Try a different traffic method and most notably, change your thinking and reasoning.

Emulate successful blog sites: Now I am not asking you to copy and paste other people’s hard work to be effective, you will be dragging yourself deeper in trouble if you try such. When I discussed emulating some successful blog owners, I suggested read and study other effective blog sites, find out exactly what makes them thick, if it’s their writing method, imitate it. If it’s their traffic technique, imitate it (provided its safe).

Note: What works for me could not work for you, so do not keep your expectations really extremely. Just keep trying up until you discover the one that best matches you.

Socialize with other Bloggers: Socializing with other bloggers can help you in a lot of methods, it can open up a complete brand-new horizon for you, it might provide you an understanding into a great deal of ordeals you might never have understood. I am speaking from experience, I have learned more than I might’ve ever discover on my own from my association from other blog writers. So head out there, sign up with Social blogging communities on Facebook, LinkedIn etc. It will do you a great deal of good as a blog writer, be modest to pick up from everyone and be wise to sieve exactly what you have discovered and exercise the best of them.

Lower your expectations: Don’t anticipate to end up being an overnight millionaire simply since you recently began blogging, you will end up frustrating yourself. I know you will inform me how great it is to have a high expectation, but having a high expectation will just give you a bigger difficulty and when you do not do well, you might disappoint yourself. I prefer to out-perform my expectations than not to fulfill them. It’s great to anticipate high, but make sure not to expect too much.

Quit Now: As hash as it sounds, if you understand you are not blogging for the right reasons, my best suggestions for you now will be to stop. Yes, you heard me right– QUIT! You can never have the best mindset, inspiration, drive, technique etc when you are not blogging for the ideal factors. Your intentions about blogging have to be right for you to succeed as a blog writer. So save yourself the long term frustration and give up now as a blog owner and try something else now.

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For those who provide regular blog posts on their websites primarily to improve positioning on the search engines, they should appreciate that the competition are also working on their websites to stay ahead of the game. It is not possible to predict how long it may take to reach the top page of Google for your targeted keywords. The important thing is to keep going – like the Duracell battery advert you have to be playing on when the others have run out of energy.


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