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The SEO benefits of using WordPress to publish your content– Part 2

5. Use of categories and tags The primary purpose of classifications and tags are to assist web visitors navigate your blogs rapidly and quickly, which in turn, assist you get a better search ranking (if used effectively). In a nutshell, categories are the tabulation for your blog, while tags are the index that helps a

The SEO benefits of using WordPress to publish your material– Part 1

Creating and launching a fully-fledged site is inadequate to get your brand discovered by itself. If you want to attain a greater ranking on Google and other online search engine, you'll need to get serious about seo. Thankfully, if you utilize WordPress as your Content Management System (CMS), there are a variety of inbuilt functions

Small companies struggle with SEO

SEO, or search engine optimisation, has actually been a buzzword in business tech world for so long now that it has actually made its method into typical parlance. Every company with an online existence, from the FTSE 100 high entertainers to the teenage blog writer, makes every effort to bring in visitors through boosted SEO

Link Power Building Myths

Myth 1. Links from non-relevant sites or websites or pages or material that are not in your niche won't help you rank better. This is rooted in the concept that Google is essentially saying, "We wish to see that there's significance and a genuine factor for Website A to connect to Website B." However

Six reasons top SEO firms do not provide ensured rankings.

A good SEO company can increase the business you acquire through the Internet but how do you discover the very best SEO company for your requirements? The huge issue is that the genuine SEO firms will understand that warranties can no longer be given since there are too many variables outside their control. You need

Keyword Difficulty – Link Authority is Queen

Link Authority is Queen The quantity and quality of links from other websites to yours define your domain authority and page authority. You can find the page authority and domain authority of any webpage by going to the page on Firefox or Chrome with the Moz toolbar installed. Content is said to

Keywords and Keyword Difficulty – Part 1

A keyword is a word or expression that may be keyed into search boxes (search terms) on search engines such as Google. Every business desires its website to be on the top page of Google (see Why your business website must be on the first page of Google). The objective is to

SEO Expectations for Realistic Business Owners

Business owners want their SEO to increase their visibility on the Internet to quickly generate more client leads and generate increasing revenue. SEO is not a quick fix therapy but a long-term campaign that continues through the life of the business. Expectations Remember that as time goes by: 1. Current competitors will be striving to

Six reasons guaranteed rankings not offered by top SEO firms.

A good SEO firm can increase the business you acquire through the Internet but how do you find the best SEO firm for your needs? SEO guarantees?   The big problem is that the genuine SEO firms will know that guarantees can no longer be given because there are too many variables outside

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