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Content Sources for Content Marketing

An important part of website promotion to increase leads and business is the development of new material demonstrating expertise – content marketing. Visitors who find interesting information may spend additional time on your website, looking at more pages and this will increase the quality score of your website and webpages. This will have a positive effect on your rankings on the search engines such as Google.

Where can you find quality information for the ideas for your new articles?

Internet Searches

Internet searches for topics such as ‘benefits of ….” An accountancy firm might search for the ‘benefits of using an accountant’

Online Media

There are a variety of online media sources that provide articles on a multitude of topics and invariably some will be relevant for your website. These include: –

  2. or

Local Online Media

An internet search for ‘local news papers’ will provide a list of breaking news sources in your locality.

Article Directories

Some authors regularly publish articles on Article Directories. Useful directories include: –


Keyword Planner

The Google keyword planner is provided by Google to assist those looking for information to assist with the development of AdWords. A photographer might look for useful related words and the tool will show: –

  1. Photography
  2. Wedding photography
  3. Portrait photography
  4. Professional photographer


Google Alerts

You can set Google Alerts to notify you by email of news related events related to any topic you may choose. A builder might set alerts for topics including building, decorating, home decoration and gardening. You can choose to receive these notifications as it happens, daily or weekly.


Duplication v Fresh Content

Search engines such as Google do not want to include duplicate information from different websites as it would not endear them to searchers. It is imperative that you avoid duplicating by simply copying an article or content from another website and copying it into yours. At the very least, rewrite the article and include your comments on the topic. Add your own image to make the article look more interesting.

Blog Posting and Social Media Auto-populating


If you use WordPress, there are a few plugins, such as JetPack, that can be configured to send summaries of your blog posts automatically to your Twitter and Facebook pages.

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