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Only one in 3 SME websites have had standard SEO.

SME WebsiteThis is among the findings for of the State of UK Business Websites 2010 research, performed by Analytics SEO and commissioned by Thomson Local.

The research took a look at 1,001 SME internet sites and compared them against a variety of SEO requirements; consisting of indexing in online search engine, and indicators of onsite optimisation.

Some highlights from the research:-.
The research discovered a relationship in between the size of company and the levels of search engine optimisation. Bigger business often have much better optimised websites, while over 70 % of business with less than 50 staff members had either extremely fundamental levels of optimisation, or none at all.

Astonishingly, 12 % of all company sites are not indexed in any search engine, which practically beats the function of having an internet site in the first place. According to the research, 3 % of all company internet sites ‘could be thought about to have actually advanced levels of SEO’.

Numerous of the issues are down to companies not executing SEO essentials. For example, 35 % of sites did not have special page titles, and 56 % did not have special page descriptions. These are fairly fast SEO wins for small companies.

Websites with HTML and XML sitemaps typically have even more pages indexed in Google, yet 82 % of small company internet sites had no HTML sitemap, and 75 % no XML sitemap.

Plainly, there are lots of small companies that are yet to see the value of efficient SEO, or maybe do not have the understanding to accomplish the fundamentals of website optimisation.

These companies ought to be planning to remedy this as, executed well, SEO has the possibility to be an essential and cost-efficient sales network.

Whilst not every business will have the resources or knowledge to run an efficient project, just getting the essentials right, such as making sure that a website can be indexed and consists of pertinent material, can make a visible distinction to search engine result and company.

Read the full report at http://www.analyticsseo.com/blog/state-uk-business-websites-2010.


So let us look at a few keywords to see what this means:
Ray-Ban prescription glasses,  employment law solicitor london, solicitors in Barnet , divorce solicitors London.


Designer goods are increasingly ‘must have’ items. All the pages on the top page of Google for ‘Ray-Ban prescription glasses‘ have the full keyword or the words in the keyword in the page title. This demonstrates that for a competitive keyword you must have the full keyword or the words in the keyword at least in the Page Title.


The legal profession around London are well aware of the importance of SEO and most employ a best keyword difficulty tool because it uniquely performs the analysis for a list of keywords.

The webpage in position 4 for the keyword ’employment law solicitor London’ is http://www.russell-cooke.co.uk/employment-law-solicitors-lawyers-city-of-london. The PageRank for this page is represented by a / indicating that Google is not returning a PageRank for this page. This usually happens because the page concerned was not in the Google index at the time of the last PageRank update.

Keyword SEO Pro calculates keyword difficulty as the average Total Page Reputations (CPR column) of the webpages on the top page of Google for the keyword. ‘Employment law’ has a CPR of 11.3 and is in the red zone indicating that top page positioning is highly unlikely for an SME website.

SEO and Keyword Difficulty – Solicitors’ websites

Employment law solicitors websiteEmployment law solicitor London, has a CPR of 7.8 and is in the blue zone. This means that top page positioning is possible but considerable link acquisition would be required. The CPR for ‘solicitors in Barnet‘ is 6.4. At first site the difference between 6.4 and 7.8 might appear to be not that great. However, PageRank is on a Logarithmic scale and so perhaps the difference in link values required would be 15-fold. The webpage in position 2 for ‘solicitors in Barnet‘ has PageRank of  2. It is the HomePage of the website and so its corresponding HomePage PageRank is boosted to 4.5. The Total Page Reputation for this webpage is 6.5 and so with good on-page optimisation, a high position has been achieved.

Divorce solicitors London has a similar keyword difficulty to ‘solicitors in London’ at 6.7. The location is broader – London rather than Barnet but the keyword includes the specialty ‘ divorce.

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