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Google – Early Days

Before Google, top page positioning depended on having your keywords on your page and in the underlying coding more times than your competition.

Google brought in user experience initially with link value to a page – PageRank of individual pages.

Nowadays, it is Total Page Reputation – TPR – which includes the PageRank of the page and the PageRank of the HomePage (the only indication Google provides on domain authority.

The Panda updates from 2011 have been about webpage quality. Penguin is about link quality and Hummingbird relates to semantics.

For many years, SEO was about ensuring good on-page optimisation and the acquisition of valuable incoming links with target keywords in the anchor (linking) text.

To some extent, deficiencies in website content could be overcome with link acquisition.

Fresh Content

The Panda 4.0 update (May 2014) seems to include freshness of content to a greater extent than with earlier updates. A quick analysis of a few websites where positioning fell for medium difficulty keyword difficulty targeted keywords showed that up to 90% of top page competitors had a blog with one or two new posts each week and with automated links to these new posts in the sidebar.

Every new post is an indexed page and opportunity to be discovered. That aside, new information is most likely to be more relevance– that’s how Google sees it– and is for that reason more likely to appear in search. Updating old content often can improve positions. (Dias). Freshness has become one of the major ranking factors

(Fishkin, R)

Creating and Demonstrating Fresh Content

Websites competing for medium and high keyword difficulty keywords should provide fresh quality content on their websites. A blog is an ideal way. It is relatively easy to set a target of at least one or two new posts each week. Blog pages have equal weight to any other page.

Action Required

wordpress-site-layout-basics[1]Having new pages on your website is no longer enough. There should be links to new content on your HomePage. This can be an automated process with CMS websites by including plugins that show a few new posts and latest page updates in the sidebar or footer if there is no sidebar.


Fishkin, R Content-Gap SEO: A Potentially Untapped Opportunity.  April 10, 2014

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