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Until 2013 and early 2014, SEO concentrated on on-page optimisation and building links with the relevant keywords in the anchor (linking) texts. Updates to Panda, Penguin and the new Hummingbird and Pigeon sections of the Google algorithm have completely changed SEO as Google tries to ensure that the best pages achieve top page positioning by natural rather than artificial means.

Link acquisition has become crucial for moving webpages up the Google search results pages. Inevitably, website owners and Search Engine Optimisation specialists have focused on means to increase incoming links to their webpages and websites.

A cat and mouse game has developed:-

SEO Specialists

Google response

Reciprocal linking No benefit even if the links are in a circle of several websites.
Build large number of websites and backlink Links from poor quality websites – no value
Anchor (linking) text all keyword specific Regard as keyword stuffing –

Natural links

  • Tend to have variety of anchor texts.
  • Some are just the domain name.
  • Some are ‘click here’
All links to website HomePage Natural links likely to be at least 30% to variety of internal pages.
Duplicate content Regard as poor quality web page – links no value.
Text only Most quality pages should have one or two images on topic and a few include a video.
All links to external webpages. Quality page tends to have at least one or two links to internal pages on same website.


Avoid reciprocal linking.

Build quality pages with original content. If you include sections from other websites, spin the content, add originality – for example add your own comments, and add a link to the original source.

Mix up the anchor text – eg Accountant in Manchester > Manchester accountant – tax accountant Manchester, Manchester tax accountant, helpful accountant in Manchester, reasonably priced accountant in Manchester.

A few links of the – click here – and – domain name – variety.

At least 30% of links to internal pages on the receiving website.

Include images with relevant keywords in the alt texts and perhaps the captions.

Include one or two links to the same site internal pages.

You can find suitable pages by doing a site search.

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