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Web Page Download Speed

The speed at which your web page(s) load into your browser – download speed – has always played a part in the success of a website or blog. If your website or blog loads slowly, the visitor will just leave.

Web surfing people are very impatient. It doesn’t matter how they are accessing your site, if it’s slow, they may not even see your web masterpiece: If it is a business website, you may lose a client.

Google has announced that web page download speed plays a part in your positioning in the search results and everyone is on the band wagon to improve the download speed of websites and blogs. It takes Google to watch something for people to pay attention they should have been doing in the first place.

Google is a webpage agent and in keeping with a travel agent or estate agent, it must provide the best results to maintain its supremacy. Users do not like slow sites and Google keeps track of this and moves sites down if they are faulty.


Zona research reported in 1999 that you could lose up to 33% of your visitors if you page took more than 8 seconds to load.
Akamai said in 2006 that you could lose up to 33% of your visitors if your page took more than 4 seconds to load on a broadband connection.
Tests done at Google in 2006 revealed that going from 10 to 30 results page increased load time by a mere 0.5 seconds, but resulted in a 20% drop in traffic.

Web Page Download Speed Testing

The following are useful means to check your webpage download speed.

Pingdom Website Speed Test

Google Analytics Plugin By Yoast

Pagespeed Insights


Causes of Slow Page Download and Speeding up websites

Hosting – You get what you pay for although there are some hosting companies that provide excellent servers with fast downloading at relatively low cost.

Images – Large images tend to increase download time. Aim to keep your image size down as far as possible and optimize them with programs such as

Caching – Caching programs, such as Rapid Ranker or W3TC, may reduce download time by 50%. As can be seen from the visitor loss graph, you will leave if your page downloads within three seconds but by six seconds 80% will have done so.

Practical Considerations

Consider two webpages of equivalent SEO merit in all respects competing for a keyword but one downloads in two seconds and the other in four seconds. The former will receive positive user response signals and the latter negative ones. The former will climb the search engine rankings and the other will lose out.

The website marketing to business flowcharts shows how download speed affects quality score which is crucial in the maintenance of top page ranking. This affects traffic and therefore business.

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