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Major Changes Required for First Page Positioning on Google – Panda 4.0

SEO has changed markedly since the arrival of Panda 4.0 in May 2014. The Panda updates to Google’s positioning algorithm relates to content.

Positioning of a webpage on Google’s search results pages is determined by relevance (content) and reputation (incoming links).

At one time, deficiencies in relevance could be overcome by acquiring more links but, since Panda 4.0 in particular, this is no longer the case.

Webpage relevance for keywords (words and phrases keyed into search boxes) and their synonyms in the text and underlying coding and in the anchor (linking) text of backlinks to the website and webpages.

Example Keyword – ‘private investigators London’

A firm of private investigators in London wish to be on the first page of Google for the keyword ‘private investigators London’. The keyword must be

  1. In the Page title tag of the Home Page which appears at the top of the page in web browsers.
  2. At least once in the main body of the text.
  3. In at least one major heading – H1 or H2.
  4. In the alternative text for at least one image – the alt text.
  5. Google will also be looking for associated words such as detective.
  6. Fresh content related to your target keyword(s).
    1. This is best achieved with blog posts.
    2. Links to the latest blog posts should appear on the HomePage. WordPress and other CMS web authoring platforms have widgets that automatically update as soon as a new post is uploaded. Search engine will boost rankings of pages on websites that regularly provide fresh quality content.

There are many programs that analyse the relevance of your webpage for a keyword in comparison to that of the leading competitors. They claim that if your webpage is at least as relevant as your competitors then it will automatically achieve high positioning on search engine results pages. This ignores synonyms and reputation. It equates to suggesting that if you buy a tennis racket at least as good as the world’s leading tennis players, you will win any tennis tournament you target!

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