SEO Expectations for Realistic Business Owners

SEO Expectations for Realistic Business Owners

Business owners want their SEO to increase their visibility on the Internet to quickly generate more client leads and generate increasing revenue.
SEO is not a quick fix therapy but a long-term campaign that continues through the life of the business.


Remember that as time goes by:

1. Current competitors will be striving to get ahead of you.
2. More competitors will arrive.
3. The search engines such as Google are changing the parameters for success.
4. Some market sectors are more competitive than others: Marketing and the legal professions are particularly difficult.

Your Digital Footprint

Having a one page website as your only internet presence may have sufficed a few years ago but if you want to succeed on line these days you need a more substantial website with regular relevant blog posts, and pages on the major social media including Facebook, LinkedIn, Google plus, and Twitter. Videos are useful means of marketing and a YouTube channel is desirable.
The authority of your website is a major component in search engine ranking. Authority is achieved by the quantity and quality of incoming links. You may need to produce a moderate number of links initially to set the ball rolling but there is a limit to the value of such a process. The search engines will monitor link acquisition and long-term success will depend on the quality of the content you provide. High quality content marketing with the provision of regular quality blog posts has become crucial to success.

Regular Reviews

Regular reviews are an important part of your Internet marketing/SEO campaign. Your SEO manager should provide recommendations every few weeks.

SEO Real and Imagined Success

SEO Real and Imagined Success

The relationship between SEO work and effect is not linear. It takes a while to start taking effect and it tails off after a while and you should monitor investments and return. In some marketing sectors one blog post each month might suffice whereas in the more competitive arenas you may need a new article most days of the working week.

Monitoring Success

Ultimately, success is measured by return on investment. There are many metrics available to evaluate SEO work. The number of incoming links and the source of those links can be determined on line at a number of websites including and Google has discontinued providing updates on its page rank which showed the importance of a page. The MOZ page authority and domain authority metrics show valuable information. They can be combined to provide “Total Page Authority”.

Working with best practices for a company can take several months, and can involve a lengthy period of diminishing returns that we sometimes call the “SEO slog.” To make things worse, our clients and colleagues often expect a consistent improvement. The difference between those expectations and the reality is what Rand tackles in a video produced by Rank Fishkin of Moz:

Google analytics shows data including visitor numbers, bounce rate, and time on site.
Do not expect to achieve success for the first two or three months and it will take longer in highly competitive marketing sectors of if you compete for difficult keywords.

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