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Item of ServiceFee
Target Keywords to First Page of GoogleFrom £60 per keyword
Retainer Fee£35 per month
Content Marketing Articles for Pages or Blog Posts From £18
Keyword Research - Use Combination of Keyword Planner and Keyword SEO Pro to provide recommended top 10 Keywords for website.£75

Achieving First Page Positioning on Google for Target Keywords

page 1 on GoogleWebPages achieve top page positioning on Google by a combination of on-page (visible and coding content) and off-page (incoming links) factors.

We calculate the amount of optimisation required to achieve top page positioning on Google for your targeted keywords according to keyword difficulty by average Total Page Authority of the pages on the top Google results page for the keyword. Our fees are per targeted keyword. We would emphasise that nobody who truly understands SEO would guarantee top page positioning on Google (Steimie, 2014) and so our fees for this aspect of our work is on a no-win no fee basis.There is also an opt-in maintenance fee at 20 % per month – provided top page positioning on Google is maintained.

Total Page Authority and Link Power Requirements

We use our own program KeywordSEOPro to determine keyword difficulty – the difficulty of achieving top page positioning on Google for keywords based on WebPage and Website (Domain)  Authority. With this information and knowledge of the combined authorities of the planned competing pages we can calculate the amount of link power required to achieve top page positioning for your website to reach the top page of Google for your chosen keywords. TPR is the keyword difficulty – Total Page Authority – Keyword Difficulty.

Consider the KeywordSEOPro analysis for web designer keywords.

web designers

Web designers – Keyword Difficulty

The webpage in position 1 for web design is a Wikipedia page. It has a Page Authority of 88 and Domain Authority of 100 as a result of millions of incoming links – Total Page Authority 188. This is why we typically see Wikipedia pages at the top for short-tail keywords. The average TPA for this keyword for the pages on the top Google results page for this keyword is 108.

Small business websites rarely achieve Total Page Authority of 75 which severely limits the keywords where top page positioning on Google is achievable. We regard an average TPA >85 for a keyword as out of reach on organic search and the only means to be on the top page of Google would required PPC – Adwords.

Example Keywords

TPA Web Designer

TPA and Fees

TPA and £fees


Fees based on averaged Total Moz Page Authority and Domain Authority – TPA.

Using the above example, and the targeted keyword – web design Epping, the first keyword fee will be when top page positioning on Google is achieved- £100.

The opt-in maintenance fee will be £20 each month (£100 @ 20%) provided top page positioning is maintained.

2017 – New fees Option

Some clients find the above confusing.
We would be happy to assess the average value of the agreed target keywords.
No initial success fee.
Monthly fee – 30% of the average target keyword value provided top page positioning on Google present at the end of the calendar month.

Building on Success

Some clients have achieved a degree of SEO success for some keywords. In these circumstances, we may reduce the fees for related keywords: This will be indicated in our quotation.

On Page Optimisation

Top page positioning on Google for keywords is only possible with inclusion of the keywords or synonyms a couple of times in the body text and in the key coding places such as the Page Title and header tags. We would provide the recommendations for clients who wish us to proceed with SEO.

For the majority of small business websites top page positionng on Google depends on the presence of the words in the keyword phrases to be in the HomePage Page title and once or twice in the Home page body text. It also depends on link power acquisition.

Keyword Research

We offer:

Keyword recommendations – Google Keyword Planner

Keyword Difficulty Analysis – Keyword SEO Pro.

Keyword Rank Tracking – Rank Tracker

Web page assessment for targer keywords – Internet Business Promoter.

Please see our sister website –  Keyword Researcher

Minimum requirements for successful SEO

Minimum Requirements for Successful SEO

We should be targeting a minimum of three agreed keywords.

We recommend that the websites should target a minimum of two new articles or blog posts each month written by the client or by us.

We recommend that businesses should have a minimum of two Social Media business pages – Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Content Marketing JigsawVisitors to your website are more likely to become clients if they find interesting fresh content. Google is looking for fresh quality content and uses the Panda section of its positioning algorithm to check each website: This contributes to overall positioning of a website’s pages on search results pages.

We can produce articles that fulfil the Google requirements – Each article will have at least 300 words.

When we are providing an SEO service – targeting specific keywords, our fee for each article is:-

  • One per month £25  per article
  • Two per month £20 per article
  • Three or more each month – £18 per article

When we are not providing an SEO service for the client, our fee for each article is:-

  • One per month £30  per article
  • Two per month £24 per article
  • Three or more each month – £20 per article

We can program WordPress websites to send the posts to your Social Media Pages – Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter.

Our fee for setting up this facility is  £25 each or £65 to link to all three.

Retainer Fee

Our objectives include:

  1. Increase the authority of your HomePage, main Internal pages and Domain Authorities – you can follow progress if you include a Moz toolbar using Firefox as your web browser.
  2. Increase the incoming linking power of your website – you can follow progress with Ahrefs and BacklinkWatch.
  3. Achieve first page positioning on Google for agreed target keywords.
  4. Provide a monthly report on progress:
    1. Positioning of your website for target keywords using RankTracker
    2. Recommendations based on latest SEO best practice.
  5. Answer SEO questions for clients.
  6. Retainer Fee – £35 per month covers the general SEO work that is not specific keyword related.

Keyword Research

Analyses to find 10 best target keywords and assess for achievablity for website.

Use Combination of Keyword Planner and Keyword SEO Pro to provide recommended top 10 Keywords for website showing Google monthly search volumes and Keyword Difficulty Screening

Available on our sister website

Beginners’ SEO Training

1 hour tutorial and 1 hour your questions answered.


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