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Welcome to 
 Kent, London & The South East’s Leading  
Used Motorhome & Campervan Specialist
The Professional Motorhome People! 

Used Motorhomes Special Offers 

Why not pay us a visit soon?
We currently have our finest ever selection of Used Campers for sale & Nearly New Motorhomes for sale, in stock and available now, some of which haven’t yet made it onto the website, you never know, we may just have exactly what you are looking for!
If you are looking to buy a Used Motorhome or Nearly New Campervan in the very near future, why not give us a call on
01634-666644 and find out how we can help?

Better still, please pay us a visit and view our superb selection of Motorhomes for sale in Kent for yourself. Our stock of Used Motorhomes for sale and Used Campers for sale is constantly changing, so if you are travelling to view a particular vehicle…. Please do call first to avoid any unnecessary disappointment.


Motorhomes for Sale                  

At Kent Motorhome Centre we always offer an unrivalled selection of only the finest handpicked Used Motorhomes for sale in Kent & Used Campervans for sale in Kent, all chosen for their unbeatable quality and value for money.


As a Specialist Motorcaravan and Campervan Dealer with over 30 years experience in buying, selling and servicing all makes and models of Motorcaravans & Campers, you will find our highly experienced team, knowledgeable, professional and very friendly. Our aim is to provide you with a very relaxed atmosphere in which to view, consider and purchase your ideal motorhome or camper with the benefit of helpful advice but with absolutely no pressure selling.  

Now firmly established in the heart of Kent we are conveniently located in the county town of Maidstone and are extremely easy to find being prominently situated on the main A229.

Used motorcaravans for sale at Kent Motorhome Centre  Why Not Pay Us A Visit Or Contact Us Today?
We Have A GREAT DEAL Waiting For You


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The Professional Motorhome People! 

Used Motorhomes and Campers wanted
Kent Motorhome Centre are probably the best cash buyer of quality used Motorhomes & Campers in the South East. We are constantly searching for only the finest used Motor Caravans & used Camper Vans available and our buyers are kept busy throughout the year. If you are thinking of selling your vehicle, please give us a call for an informal chat or click here and complete our “Purchase Enquiry Form” and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Motorhome Spares and Accessories Shop
Our on-site Accessory Shop stocks a huge selection of Leisure Accessories to compliment and enhance your vehicle. Our range includes Awnings, Safari Rooms, Reversing Cameras, 12V LCD TV’s, Digital TV Aerials, Alarm Systems, Toilet Chemicals, Wheelclamps etc..etc.. You can also opt to have your chosen accessories fitted on site by our Specialist Workshop if you so wish.

Motorhome Servicing and Repairs 
At Kent Motorhome Centre we hold great belief that regular Servicing & Maintenance are essential if you wish to get the maximum  enjoyment from your motorcaravan.
So whether your Camper needs a major service, an annual habitation check, or just some minor repairs, call our Service Team today and let us help you with the benefit of our expertise and experience.


Be first to receive our Latest Regular Updates,  Special Offers and Unique Sales Promotions direct to your inbox…. Simply enter your e-mail address below.


Important Note:
Kent Motorhome Centre will not share or reveal your e-mail address to anyone.

TEL:  01634 666644

E-MAIL: enquiries@kentmotorhomes.co.uk 
ME20 7EE
We are always happy to help.
Please give us a call for a chat, or better still just pop in and pay us a visit sometime.
Simply click on the map for directi
ons – we look forward to meeting you soon.




MON – FRI: 9-00am – 5-30pm

SATURDAY: 10-00am – 5-00pm


By Appointment Only

“I would recommend anyone thinking of buying or selling a motorhome to come and see what this company has to offer. I have received first class service throughout my dealings with them. I can also recommend their motorhome servicing which I have used and found to be thorough and efficient. It is so nice to find a friendly local company who you can rely on”
Mr David Tidey – Chatham, Kent

Please click here to leave us your feedback or testimonial.

Find us on the map in the heart of Kent

Motorhome and Camper News
Take a look at our Blog to find out what’s been happening at KMC and discover all the latest news in the world of Motorhomes and Campervans.


Used Motorhomes, Used Campervans
We have well over 30 years experience in selling Used Motorhomes & Used Campervans, and during that time we have sold 1000’s of Motorcaravans in all manner of shapes and sizes.
So if you are just looking for ideas or maybe doing some serious research – Click Here to view a range of our previously sold vehicles.

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