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Top page positioning on Google for multiple keywords.

How can  I be on the top page of Google for numerous keywords?

Understandably, many SMEs (small to medium enterprises) want to be on the top page of Google for a multitude of keywords. They put together a list of products and services together with their target locations and assume that their must be a way to reach the top for every combination. In this article explanation is provided as to why this is not possible.


Multiple Keywords Let us consider a counsellor’s practice in the Ilford area of East London.

We can easily find 20 conditions, 5 counselling terms and 20 locations – 4,000 combinations such as ‘stress counselling Gants Hill’.


Google looks at a combination of relevance and reputation to determine the order of webpages on its results page.

Relevance is shown by the presence of the keywords on the page and in the underlying coding – particularly the Page title. Google only accepts the first 65 characters in the Page title including spaces.

Google calculates the overall reputation of a webpage by the value of the incoming links to the webpage and the website. PageRank is Google’s metric indicating reputation of a webpage. The reputation of a website is best represented by the PageRank of the HomePage.

We use combined webpage and website PageRanks as the competitive strength of a webpage (CPR) and the averaged CPRs of the pages on the top page of Google to indicate keyword difficulty.





KeywordSEOPro analysis

Our program Keyword SEO Pro shows the PageRank of the webpages on the top page of Google for a Keyword and the associated HomePage PageRanks. Cells in pink in the webpage columns indicate that the webpage is the HomePage of the website. It is apparent that the majority of the top webpages for these location keywords are HomePages. This shows that for desirable targeted keywords, your best chance of success is with your HomePage. This is because Google gives a boost to HomePages competing for keywords like the golf handicap system gives a boost to the lesser players.

Few SME websites achieve HomePage PageRank greater than 3 and this limits the keywords the website can reach top page positioning.

There are hundreds of counsellors in the Ilford area. Most will have websites and they are just as keen to be on the top results page of Google for the same keyword as you.

PageRank depends on the value of incoming links.

If you want to outsmart your competitors, you need an SEO consultant who can develop valuable incoming links to your website.

If your HomePage PageRank can gradually be increased to 3 or even 4, more keywords will come into range for top page positioning on Google.

For the keyword ‘Counselling Ilford’, the words ‘Counselling’ and ‘Ilford’ appear on the top line of every webpage on the top results page. The top line is the Page Title.

This shows that for desirable keywords, you need the words in your targeted keywords in the Page title.

Conclusions on Top Page Positioning on Google for Multiple Keywords

HomePage and Page Title

  1. Top page positioning on Google for desirable location orientated keywords is usually achieved with the HomePage.
  2. The targeted keywords should be in the Page Title.
  3. Google only looks at the first 65 characters in the Page Title.
  • Your HomePage is your Trump Card – use it carefully but it can be used only for a few keywords.
  • Few SME websites reach HomePage PageRank of 4 or more. Those that do are better placed to achieve top page positioning for more keywords.



Unless your website has achieved a HomePage PageRank of 4 or more, the keywords that can be targeted are limited. Together with your SEO consultant, you need to target three or four niche keywords that are within range for your website and build a website that will attract incoming links – link bait. Some SEO consultants have techniques to speed up this process.

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