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Large Webpage Size – Download Time – Page Ranking – Google Algorithm

If your webpage takes too long download,

  • Your visitors will move on to your competitors website
  • You have lost a potential client.

How Long is Too Long for a WebPage to download?

A few seconds at most.

What affects WebPage download time?

The amount of data in the page – measured in Kb or Mb for larger page size

  1. Text requires few Kbs
  2. But images are another matter. An image from a digital camera can be more than 1Mb.
  3. Slider images – A recent and popular feature that displays a series of image.
  4. Videos can be a problem. An embedded video may not show on a smartphone leaving a gap on the display.smartphone video

Acceptable WebPage Size and Download Time

The arrival of faster modems and broadband reduced download times on computers. This meant that webpages had the luxury of including a few carefully chosen large images. Smartphones have reversed this trend.

  • In some areas, 50% of searches are on smartphones.
  • Download speeds can be slow.

Webpage download speed and seo

Speeding up download time of a webpage can improve positioning on Google:

Google – Matt Cutts Video .

 How can I check webpage size and download times of my webpage?

There are a few very useful and free webpage speed tests.



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