Website Report – Example

Home/Website Report – Example

David A Viniker MD FRCOG

(Medical Consultant – Retired)

Consultant – Internet Marketing

28th February 2014

Dear ………………

Re: Website and SEO report and recommendations –

Thank you for asking me to:

  1. Provide recommendations with a view to achieving Page1 positioning on for targeted keywords – natural search.
  2. Review www. from the Internet marketing point of view.

This report:-

  1. Shows the current position of your website for relevant keywords (search terms).
  2. Search volumes – searches per month for target keywords on Google.
  3. Explains how top page positioning on Google for target keywords can be achieved.
  4. Indicates our fees.
  5. Makes recommendations for your website.

Keyword Research

Keyword research involves using software programs to find the best keywords a website can target for top page positioning on Google. If your website is not on the top page of Google for your target keywords, you are missing a great business opportunity –

The best keywords to target have a good monthly search volume and top page positioning on Google is achievable.

We use:

  • The Google Keyword Planner to determine monthly search volumes.
  • Keyword SEO Pro – my own program that determines achievability – keyword difficulty.
  • Ranktracker to determine current ranking on Google and track ranking over time.

Current Positioning on Google


Analysis for potential keywords:

RankTracker Analysis shows that is on the top page of (Ranks up to 10) for only one of the keywords tested – personal car leasing Suffolk.

If your website is not on the top page of Google for targeted keywords, it will bring in few, if any, new clients for those keywords through organic (natural) search.

Positioning on Google depends on

  1. Relevance for the keyword – having the keyword phrase or at least the words in the keyword phrase visible on the page and also in the underlying coding – notably the Page Title Tag –
    1. Invariably, the top competitor webpages for your target keywords will be highly relevant and at best you can emulate them.
    2. We can consider relevance as an essential component in the competition to be on top of Google as a tennis racket is required to win Wimbledon – but more than a great tennis racket is required to win Wimbledon.
  1. Reputation – the links coming in from other websites to your webpages. This is the more difficult part of SEO. Just as you need to be a powerful tennis player to win Wimbledon, so Google uses the total power of incoming links to determine how powerful your webpage is in comparison to your competitors.
  1. The Total Page Reputation (TPR) of a webpage is the sum of its PageRank + the PageRank of the HomePage (Domain Authority) and a boost if it is the HomePage competing for the keyword. has a HomePage PageRank of 0. It will rank better for targeted keywords if it could achieve a HomePage PageRank of 2 or even 3 by link power acquisition.

  1. We need to determine the value of the links to your competitor’s webpages – this determines the keyword difficulty –
  2. Generate links to your webpages that will produce enough link power to move your website gradually to the top page of Google. This is our speciality and, in contrast to the majority of optimisers, we provide graphical evidence of our on-going successes. We are successful with 80% of the keywords we target.

We use my own program ( – TPR column) to determine keyword difficulty (the difficulty of achieving top page positioning on Google – organic / natural search). From the practical point of view, the TPR column is the keyword difficulty indicator.


I will only show the TPR column in future tables but I am happy to provide the full Keyword SEO Pro outputs if you are interested.

In the following table, I have combined average monthly search volumes on for potential keywords from the Google Keyword Planner, the Keyword SEO PRO TPR column and the initial fee to achieve top page positioning. There is an option which aims to maintain top page positioning – 20% per month.

The more difficult keywords require more link power acquisition and necessitate higher fees. Our fees are based on individual keywords – please see h

Search Volumes per month – – TPR – Fees

Searches TPR Fee £
720 van hire colchester 6 150
480 car hire colchester 6.5 150
320 car hire chelmsford 6.3 150
320 van hire southend 6.4 150
390 van hire harlow 5.7 100
210 car hire bury st edmunds 7.1 300
170 car hire harlow 6.5 150
110 car hire norfolk 5.3 75
50 van hire cambridgeshire 7.3 300
30 van leasing essex 4.6 50
10 car leasing colchester 5.7 100
20 car leasing cambridge 3.9 50
personal car leasing colchester 4.6 50
car leasing bury st edmunds 5.3 75
car leasing harlow 5 75
contract hire essex 3.8 50
contract hire ipswich 4.5 50
personal car leasing bury st edmunds 5.2 75
vehicle leasing southend 4 50
personal car leasing suffolk 3.4 50
van leasing bury st edmunds 5.9 100
van leasing colchester 4.2 50
van leasing harlow 5.7 100
vehicle leasing bury st edmunds 6.1 150
vehicle leasing cambridge 4.1 50
vehicle leasing essex 4.2 50

Client, your website has a HomePage PageRank of 0 which indicates that it has few good incoming links.

As you can see, your website is not yet achieving top page positioning on Google for many keywords that may be important for your business and that are in reach with appropriate optimisation.

This means that the website is not providing its full potential. SEO provides a better ROI then any other form of marketing.


a)    All the main targeted keywords should be visible on the HomePage and in the Page Title. You can look at the top line on a Google results page for any search term you ‘Google’ to confirm this.

Current HomePage Page Title  www.

<title>Home Page – Car leasing</title>

The HomePage page title is the gold dust of a website. Google only indexes between 65 and 70 characters including spaces so it must be used carefully. I can provide specific advice if you choose us to provide the SEO for you.

b)    Link power acquisition – we need to acquire links to your website with keyword rich anchor (linking) text. We build new quality original webpages themed on or around the topics of your keywords. These webpages are on our high authority websites which tend to attract link authority themselves (PageRank) which, in turn, gradually passes on to your website and webpages through the links. We produce one or two of these powerful links to your website each week initially and our ongoing successes indicate that our links are acceptable to Google.( We avoid quick fixes – we do not offer scores of out of context links applied quickly on poor quality websites.

c)    Website Download Speed

Download speed is a major factor in positioning on Google. If two webpages are of equal merit, the one with faster download speed will go higher.

(Website download speeds – tested –

76% Mobile – 63% Desktop – Poor

Your website downloads slowly. It could improve its rankings if this could be addressed.

I would suggest discussing with your website designer.

Google spokesman Matt Cutts discussed this factor as early as 2010.

Google incorporating site speed in search rankings


We operate on a no win – no fee basis forfriends and colleagues.

  • The fee for each keyword would only be invoiced when Page1 on has been achieved.
  • Subsequently, there is an optional on-going monthly fee of 20% for each keyword to maintain top page positioning. As an example, a keyword with a fee of £100 achieves top page positioning for the first time in July – fee for July would be £100. Top page positioning is maintained in August – fee in August for that keyword – £20.
  • We provide monthly progress reports – RankTracker. (Example RankTracker analysis above and also on
  • We would wish to target 3 – 5 keywords initially.
  • I offer one hour of SEO advice each month to clients without charge. In the event that more than one hour per month is required, my fee is £45 per hour.

I offer on-site SEO training for those who wish to learn about the mechanics of SEO.

Client, I would be happy to discuss any aspect of the project with you in more detail if you would like to move your Internet marketing and business forward.

Please let me know if you would like me to analyse additional keywords.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards


David A Viniker MD FRCOG

Retired Medical Consultant

Internet Marketing Consultant

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